Press Release

Coin powers likes to announce that we have expanded our team to a 20 member team instead of 10. We have double the output rate and most importantly increases our family members. We are proud to say coin powers family now has a full team of software developers and computer scientists at disposal.

Coin power, A leader in decentralized cybersecurity, announced a blockchain-based mobile security.  This uses trust and leverages protections from both parties to make the transaction super efficient and clear. The project is an collaboration between the dragon community and the dinos.

The Coin Power team has come up with a solution that implements robust protection of private keys. This allows users to send direct messages to whom ever they wish to and have the peace of mind knowing the message will be secure. The DRT solution coin power team applied generate and cryptographically sends out the private key between both users.


By merging the power of DRT solution it ensures users’ digital assets to be protected and this also gives an additional point of security control through the sim card. The value therefore is greatly enhanced by denying access to protected apps if the phone is ever lost or stolen.

This is one of our favourite projects we are working on since all we do is contribute value to users and people of the world. Our family here at coin power use their own devices for use at work. Corporations also trust there employees to keep sensitive data on there mobile phones.


Employees are encourage to sure this privacy feature with their friends and family since it can help multiple people at once. However sometimes it is hard to convince a new individual to try something new. We encourage our employees to teach their friends and family how to use the software and how to become familiar with it. We are proud to provide a seamless, built-in solution for security purposes.