NewsWire Launch of Mainnet

CoinPower cryptocurrency project has been debating and talking for some days now. The foundation has decided to launch its mainnet sometime during the next halving according to the CEO. The beta period of the network is officially closed as we have received a lot of positive feedback regarding this. Furthermore, users were validating blocks more than before and this was truly amazing to see.

In order to build a large network to launch a new type of cryptocurrency, CoinPower is planning on raising some venture capital money from investors. This will give us a huge edge over our competitors since we will be able to take over a larger market share than others.

The business development team really put in work trying to get us on the map of venture capitals. Our project gained a lot of traction in the crypto community however in the venture capital world we were not even in the radar, therefore, we had to create some “explosions”. The team did not give up and not once thought about quitting because when you quit the vision is forever gone. However, if you work blindly there is a possibility of success if you keep working.

Once we got on the map we held multiple meetings and had pitches than we were able to show the potential of our business. Most importantly the venture capitalist truly believed in us that is why they were willing to bet big on the idea.

Finally, the team received funding after hours and hours of hard work. The saying working blindly and working hard towards a goal is real. Since we were able to block of all distractions and constantly work towards our dreams we were able to achieve what we always wanted. That being said the war is not won until we capture market share and become the leading company in the space.